PRP Facelift (the Vampire or Dracula Facelift)

PRP Facelift (the Vampire or Dracula Facelift)

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PRP – the most natural method
to enhance skin texture

PRP Back in the Day vs PRP Today/

Platelet Rich Plasma, (PRP) can correctly be considered the most natural method to enhance skin texture, tone and overall complexion radiance.

PRP Facial (also known as Vampire Facelift or Dracula Therapy) has been established as a highly successful way to have the body rejuvenate itself from the inside out. The procedure itself creates the production of collagen and elastin in the face and floods the area with more blood to nourish the tissues. You can think of PRP Therapy as a way to capture your body’s own healing process, regenerate cells and increase collagen and elastin within the skin.

PRP Therapy has been used for more than thirty years in the medical industry. It has been proven very effective at treating burn victims with terrible scarring, it’s been used as a treatment after maxillofacial surgery, orthopaedic surgery, and for the treatment of osteoarthritis because it has the proven ability to increase wound recovery, reduce scarring and accelerate healthy tissue growth.

Today PRP is gaining great popularity, for a variety of treatments all over the body, but especially for the use of hair rejuvenation procedures, and also for cosmetic anti-aging treatments that have no downtime and incredible long-lasting results.

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So What is PRP Anyway?/

To understand the benefits of a PRP Facial or other Medical PRP Procedures you must first understand a little more about your blood, how it works and how amazing it really is! Blood is composed of four main properties: we have the plasma (the colourless fluid part of blood), red blood cells (carry oxygen), the white blood cells (fight against infections) and the platelets (which are colourless, help our blood to clot and contain hundreds of hormones, vitamins and proteins that ensure that our bodies heal). During the course of our lives, as we experience injuries or “wear and tear,” our body sends signals to promote the healing process. Healing begins when platelets are released in a high concentration and they are responsible for initiating the, “cell rejuvenation” process within the body.

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What is the Procedure for a PRP Facelift or Vampire Facelift?/

As we age, our skin and hair losses the amount of collagenelastin, and keratin that were present when we were younger.

Patients wishing to have PRP Facial also called Vampire facial will begin by having one or more, small vials of their blood drawn. This blood is then taken and placed in our centrifuge that spins the blood so that we can separate the platelets in the plasma from the red blood cells. Our platelets contain “growth factors” within them that have multiple functions. Growth factors are essentially proteins, hormones and vitamins that stimulate cellular regeneration, division, differentiation and growth. The Platelet Rich Plasma is then injected into the skin which creates volume due to dermal repair of the skin with the help of the “growth factors” at a concentration of approximately 400%. PRP can be injected into the entire face for a beautiful, very natural and radiant glow. If you are looking for the treatment of uneven skin tone, specific fine lines and wrinkles, PRP treatment may be of great benefit.

PRP / Vampire Facelift: Stop Aging by Using What’s Already in You!/

Today PRP Facelifts have become very common and whether you have had one or not, you have definitely heard about them in the media.

Their popularity comes from the amazing benefits for facial rejuvenation that PRP Facials offers against aging with essentially no risk and the fact that these Vampire Facials bring in use no other chemicals, medication or foreign body but in fact the patient’s own pure centrifuged blood. Many patients who are hesitant to the thought of having a “foreign substance” injected into the skin feel much better and content with PRP instant facials because they are composed of products from within your body and do not pose a threat of allergic reactions.

PRP can be used in combination with micro-needling (needles creating pinpoint bleeding) or energy based devices infused with Radio-frequency along with micro-needling (Fractora). Platelet Rich Plasma injections can be used for the following treatments successfully:

  • For facial rejuvenation and diminishing signs of aging by collagen and elastin boosting.
  • For improving appearance of wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes, mouth and cheeks.
  • For improving tone and texture of the facial skin, creating a smooth radiance and an instant glow with lift.
  • For tightening up skin that is loose or creased.
  • Reducing the appearance of stubborn scars like acne scar or scars on the face as a result of injury or surgery.
  • For hyper pigmentation and sun damage.
  • For new and old resistant stretch marks after weight gain/loss and pregnancy.

The Only Cosmetic Procedure that Can Claim to Stop the Aging Process

PRP Facelifts are incredible because they stimulate new cell growth which is proven to slow down the aging process. PRP works at a cellular level, not simply under the surface and therefore has wide reaching and long-lasting results and benefits.

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When Will I see Noticeable Results and How Much Does a Vampire Facelift Cost?/

A few days after the PRP/Vampire Facial you will notice that your skin appears tighter and more plump. This improvement will continue for approximately 18 more months to reach its full benefit. For patients who want to refresh their skin and create radiance, I will usually administer a single treatment and then follow up to see if a patient wishes to have a more done.

For patients who have skin concerns like wrinkles, hyper pigmentation or scarring from acne or an injury, I recommend 3 PRP Facial treatments performed one month apart for optimum results. So if you are on a look out to get a Vampire Facial done in Toronto, whether you reside here or are only visiting, we will sit down together during the consultation and determine how many treatments you require to get the results that you want. Frequency of treatments, area of the skin to be injected and the price will all be agreed upon before any treatments are started so that everyone is comfortable and satisfied with the results attained and costs of their Vampire Facials.

After some massively followed and famous celebrities endorsed these, vampire Facials in Toronto have also become the IN THING!

As a Medical Doctor I LOVE PRP!/

I am always concerned with my patient’s health and wellness above all else.

PRP is a treatment option that addresses several concerns which are important during medical procedures. First it provides great results for patients who want to eliminate lines, scars or hyper-pigmentation. Secondly, it is very safe and works at a cellular level to resolve the underlying concerns that plague that patient and the beneficial effects of PRP treatments can persist for several years after treatment. So having your concerns treated with the most naturally available procedure, Vampire Facial in Toronto at my clinic is going to strike that cord for you! Give this a thought and there are going to be no regrets but definitely some head turning, glowing skin with our Vampire Facial outcomes.

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