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Battle the signs of aging by addressing facial volume, bone structure, balance of face muscles, skin texture, skin elasticity, and skin color

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What Exactly is a Non-surgical Facelift?

As we age into our, “middle years and beyond” there are a number of changes taking place underneath the skin’s surface. On the outside, we will start to notice that our skin looks a little duller, or that we have dark circles under our eyes that don’t seem to want to go away! Although we may feel lively and vibrant, sometimes we start looking tired and rundown. We all know that aging is a normal process but that doesn’t make it easier to accept the way it changes how we look. For many, the way to handle this appearance of aging is to start a skincare routine, use makeup strategically and use hair dyes to hide the grey. These are all excellent ways to combat the surface signs of aging but the best non-surgical facelift can have you attain the appearance you desire.

Non-Surgical Facelift battles the signs of aging through a more structured approach which addresses facial volume, bone structure, balance of face muscles, skin texture, skin elasticity, and skin colour. It is a whole-facelift procedure which utilizes a multi-faceted approach and includes a variety of products and treatment techniques.

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What Factors Contribute to the Aging Process?/

There are a number of genetic and environmental factors which contribute to the normal aging process

These factors have a substantial impact on the physical appearance of our face and skin. Facial deterioration manifests in the formation of fine lines, drooping, and wrinkles. Our personal genetics and epi-genetics (the way are genes are expressed), hormone levels, pollutants in the air and food, gravity and even sleep posture will all contribute to that, “aged” look as we get older. These factors are often not in our direct control, but we should definitely attempt to limit those factors which are in our control including stress, sun exposure, vitamin and anti-oxidant deficient diets, lack of sustained exercise as well as over consumption of alcohol and other drug based products. Finally, large fluctuations in weight can cause an aged appearance due to skin laxity and sagging once the weight is lost. However if you want to proceed with a treatment, our facelift in Toronto without surgery is one of our specialities.

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What is Actually Happening Underneath My Skin?/

Many medically controlled studies have now shown that collagen and elastin production decrease by as much as 40-60% as we move into our middle years and beyond

An internal decrease in protein production coupled with a decrease in blood circulation and overall skin hydration have a profound impact on the surface appearance of our skin, facial features and bone structure.

The following are four essential substances produced by our bodies that decrease as we age:

Collagen / Elastin/ Hyaluronic Acid / Lipids

Collagen: The main structural protein found in the skin and other connective tissue of the face & body.

Elastin: The protein that allows for connection between various tissues and muscles, especially found in the dermal layer.

Hyaluronic Acid: The key ingredient required for skin moisture and the lubrication of joints and is also the key ingredient for cartilage development is the body.

Lipids: They provide a moisture barrier that prevents water evaporation from the skin but also prevents irritants from entering the skin.

In What Ways Does This Impact the Way my Face Looks?/

The reduction in production of the four essential substances Collagen / Elastin/ Hyaluronic Acid / Lipids produced by our bodies has a dramatic effect on how we look and can impact not only our physical appearance but also has a large impact on our mental health and wellness

What we see in the mirror is deeper wrinkles, fine lines under the eyes and around the mouth, redness in the face, thinning skin that appears a little bluer, a downturned mouth shape, hollowed out cheeks that appear sucked-in, dehydrated skin that appears leathery, and a pulled down face shape which has less definition as it approaches the chin and neck. When we see patients who are experiencing these changes, their largest frustration is that they are actually feeling well and have good energy, but wish that people would stop asking them if they, “slept well last night?” or why they look so, “tired and stressed out?”. Facelift can get you rid of all those uncomfortable questions. With our non-surgical facelift, patients can opt for procedures that provide similar result as facelifts without surgery.

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How Do I Battle the Effects of Aging?

Physicians can change the way the face looks by doing either a surgical facelift or a non-surgical facelift. Both these procedures have their clear benefits and disadvantages which include invasiveness, downtime, permanence of results and cost involved. Our non surgical facelift Toronto clinic can help you fight the aging effects.

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A Non-Surgical Face Lift and non-surgical neck lift, (also known as a non-invasive face lift) is essentially a facelift without surgery and uses a number of products and techniques that combine to create a refreshed, rejuvenated appearance without significant downtime and at a fraction of the cost of Surgical Facelift. Newer techniques also allow for results that are relatively long lasting with little to no down time. With our best non-surgical facelift, you can get significant results without going under the knife.

I have a number of, “tools in my toolbox” to enhance the look of your overall facial appearance. I can use a Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment for your non-surgical facelift which is micro-needled into the target area and causes microscopic injury to the dermis and sub-dermis. That initiates the body’s natural healing response which includes the building of new collagen and elastin. Your own platelets, when injected back into the treatment area, also release growth factors that decrease inflammation and enhance the healing effect and generation of new tissue. The change to the look and feel of your skin results in an even skin tone which is beautiful, bright and healthy due to your body’s enhanced healing response. If you are someone looking for an extremely well done facelift in Toronto or Mississauga without surgery, pay us a visit.

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Surgical Facelift /

Those who opt for a surgical facelift often love the longevity of the results and tend to be happy once the recovery time is completed. Significant excess facial skin if often best addressed with this method. Surgical facelifts require a facial surgeon to conduct a procedure which is complicated, fully invasive, costly and may bring forward unexpected complications. For many, this procedure is not an option due to facelift cost, or existing medical conditions. For individuals who cannot take a significant amount of time off of work at one time, this route is not an option because it requires significant recovery time in comparison to non-surgical facelift.

When done by a skilled facial surgeon, the results can be beautiful and very natural, however complications can occur, and include the following:

  • Scarring that does not disappear even after the full recovery time is completed
  • Patients may sometimes feel that they simply look like a different person because the work is too obvious or has distorted the original features
  • Numbness or pain that lasts for a few months and may cause potential nerve damage

If you have decided to go this route, ensure that you have completed your research on various board certified facial surgeons. Ensure that you have completed a full consultation with them so that you can ask all the necessary questions and determine if they are the best qualified to get you the results you want but as for the best non-surgical facelift in Toronto, Lip doctor is the one for you.

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From Dr. Bector

A few words on Non-surgical Facelifts

I use dermal fillers to re-volumize hollowed out areas and lift drooping of the face including the cheeks, chin and under the eyes. Filler may also be injected immediately under the skin to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. When injected properly, facial fillers mimic the fat pads of the face and improve the contours to the face, lift and smooth lines and wrinkles in the skin and provide a more youthful facial structure. Neuro-modulators can be used to balance muscles, tighten areas, and soften lines and wrinkles. It never paralyzes a muscle but rather will appropriately weaken a muscle to achieve a more youthful, natural appearance without completely taking away expression.

Chemical peels and lasers (aka laser facelift)/ RF (radio frequency) can also be used to resurface the skin and to even out coloration and tone. Lasers are used to improve collagen and elastin while also providing skin firmness and skin tightening. Once the Non-Surgical Instant Facelift is completed I will recommend medical grade skincare that will complement your skin type, and has the proven active ingredients necessary to change the texture and tone of your skin.

I look forward to sitting down and getting to know you. Together we can build a plan to create a look that will express your inner vitality and beauty.

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