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Guide to Non Invasive nose job

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#1 Surgical Rhinoplasty?

You may have many beautiful features but if you are conscious about your nose shape it is hard to avoid thinking about it daily.

For many decades patients who were unhappy with their nose shape or size had only the option of a surgical rhinoplasty to consider.

A surgical rhinoplasty is a complex procedure that requires going, “under the knife”.

It is a necessary procedure for those who wish to have their nose size reduced or for patients who need to have their nasal airway reconstructed to ensure better breathing due to a deviated septum or other irregularity.

People can be unhappy with their nose shape for several reasons including unevenness, injury or a broken nose, bumpiness or overall size and shape. If you are a person who wants to take attention away from your nose, or stop feeling self-conscious about your nose, you should consider the option of a non-surgical rhinoplasty or non-invasive nose job that uses injectable fillers to create a beautiful nose that lets you look your absolute best! It is my intention to keep you looking natural and beautiful. With you, I will consider the facial profile that you want and help you to achieve your aesthetic goals.

#2 What is a non-surgical nose job and why should I consider it over the surgical rhinoplasty?

With the advancement of dermal fillers in the market, Surgical Rhinoplasty is no longer the only option available to those who want to modify their nose shape or size.

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty or Non-Surgical Nose Jobs can enhance the face’s central feature and add facial symmetry without having to endure the cost, recovery and permanency of a surgical rhinoplasty. A non-surgical nose job takes approximately 30 minutes from start to finish with virtually no downtime, painkillers or side effects. It is also much more affordable and allows patients to try out a nose modification without being nervous about satisfaction with the permanent results that a surgical procedure provides.

Non-Surgical Nose Jobs are Great for Nose Reshaping, Nose Lifting and Improving the Nose Contour

Dermal fillers can be used very effectively to create volume in the face and beautifully contour the nose. A Non-Surgical Nose Job does not require anything more than a visit to the clinic and typically takes about thirty minutes. Nose reshaping without surgery can very effectively be used to correct deformities of the nose due to a break. Dermal fillers can also be used to augment the dorsum, (add to the bridge of the nose) or to correct any irregularities of the nose. Dermal Fillers are wonderful for straightening the nose profile, making the nose more symmetrical and in harmony with other facial features. More dense, firmer facial fillers can be used to fully straighten the appearance of a crooked nose.

#3 Always Safety First!

There are a number of safety concerns to keep in mind when evaluating who will do your Non-Surgical Nose Job.

Ensure that your Doctor injector will only use a temporary filler that is Health Canada approved. Most permanent fillers are synthetic and carry a number of complication risks. I only use dermal fillers that are hyaluronic acid based and do not create complications such as chronic granulomas or skin infections and reactions. Hyaluronic acid is a natural sugar already found naturally in the body and it has an incredible record of accomplishment for safety. It is metabolized by your body in the nose area after about 1 year. Typically, I will use Restylane, Perlane, Teosyal or Stylage as my dermal fillers of choice and I will select based on the right consistency of product for the shape we are going to create.

Over-filling not only looks bad but can cause poor blood flow resulting in skin pigmentation issues and create scarring on and around the nose.

When we complete our Non-Surgical Nose Job consultation, I will also consider the amount of facial filler I wish to inject to create the results that you want. Be wary of excessive filler injecting. Usually, this is a concern when treated by an injector who does not have enough medical expertise.

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#4 Know Your Nose Job Options/

It is very important to see a medical aesthetics doctor or surgeon when considering what type of Nose Job you require to correct the problem that concerns you.

As a general rule, if your nose is too small, lacks shape, is bumpy or needs augmentation of the nasal tip or a stronger nasal bridge, dermal fillers can be used to produce the outcome what you want. If your nose is too prominent or large, dermal fillers will not help because they add volume. In that case, you should then consider a Surgical Rhinoplasty.

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#5 How much does a non-surgical nose job in Toronto & Missisauga area cost?

As of 2018, in greater Toronto area, non-surgical nose job cost ranges $700 to $1000. Price depends on the type of dermal filler and number of syringes used in the procedure.

#6 How Painful is the Nose Correction Option Without Surgery?/

The dermal filler industry has changed tremendously over the last few years and great advancements have been made in terms of consistency of products, price, safety and product longevity. The injectable fillers that I use for Non-Invasive Nose Jobs all contain Lidocaine. Lidocaine is a freezing agent that allows for nose correction without surgery to be comfortable and relatively painless.

#7 Ethnicity and the Non-Surgical Nose Job

We are blessed to be living in Toronto, a multicultural hub. I have the pleasure of meeting patients from all ethnicities and have made it my priority to understand the different beauty considerations and standards that exist in their cultures. My goal is to make everyone look their personal best without changing features and facial structure. Many of my patients seek an Asian Rhinoplasty which essentially entails creating a defined bridge of the nose. Many African American patients want to see a more defined tip of their nose or want to lift the bridge of their nose while maintaining their ethnic look. For me, a successful Non-Surgical Nose Job is about enhancing my patient’s natural beauty.

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