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Kybella (Belkyra)/

Always disliked that double chin you were born with or the fat that you gained? On your face? Or even on the neck? Kybella, also known as Belkyra is a great option for you to go for.This procedure should be performed by a physician who is specially trained in the injection protocol

Excessive weight on the face which creates the appearance of a double chin can make adults appear to be older and more overweight or out-of-shape than they really are. Today, patients who wish to get rid of their double chin, finally have a non-surgical procedure option called Belkyra. This revolutionary new treatment is a prescription medication which is injected into the submental, (beneath the chin) area where it destroys the fat cells.

A double chin is so upsetting to patients because it can create the appearance of being overweight or unhealthy, even though this is often not the case. Making matters worse, patients who wish to get rid of their double chin often complain that once it has developed, it does not seem to be reduced in size with exercise and a heathy diet.

A double chin can be hereditary in some cases or can be caused by weight fluctuations over a person’s lifetime. Many people are bothered by their double chin and want to learn more about potential treatments – come and find out all about Kybella / Belkrya by booking your appointment with me where I could provide you with all the necessary and accurate information about Belkyra. In Canada, prior to 2016, patients had to rely on either facial plastic surgery such as neck lift procedures or liposuction in order to effectively and permanently reduce a double chin. These procedures can be complicated, very expensive and involve a long, difficult recovery. In 2015, Kybella was approved for use by the FDA in the United States, then Health Canada later approved Belkyra (the Canadian name) as a safe substance for injection to treat moderate to severe submental fat for Canadian patients. Since then Kybella has become a treatment option in Toronto for double chins.

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Kybella (Belkyra) – In a Class of Its Own!/

Belkyra, (Kybella in the United States) is the only injectable which has been approved for melting away submental, adipose fat tissue which is commonly known as, the “double chin”.

The active ingredient in Belkyra is called deoxycholic acid, which is a molecule that is chemically similar to a bile acid which is produced in the liver. This fluid is stored in the gall bladder for use during digestion of fats as it breaks down fat globules and emulsifies the contents. When I inject Belkyra into the submental fat, the deoxycholic acid disrupts the cell wall. Belkyra works by disrupting the cellular membrane of fat cells, causing apoptosis or cell death to occur. The dead cells and fat are then cleaned out of the area by your body’s own waste removal system over time. It should be noted that Belkyra is only approved for localized fat removal and may require a number of treatments to achieve the desired results. Overall it is wonderfully effective as a less invasive, non-surgical option for treating the chin area and produces amazing results that can be achieved in the setting of a medical clinic environment.

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What Does the Kybella (Belkyra) Treatment Look Like?/

After your thorough consultation, I will determine whether you are a good candidate for a Belkyra injection.

When you come in for your procedure I will administer a topical anesthetic to the injection area if you request it, thereby making the Kybella injection in Toronto at my clinic as pain free as possible. Some patients are not as sensitive as others in this area and the needles are comparable to needles used for dermal filler injections- very fine. Following the assessment of the size of the treatment area and based on my treatment plan, I will draw an injection grid on your neck and chin to ensure accurate administration of the product with correct spacing. Very small amounts of the product (0.2 ml) are injected every 1 cm into the subdermal fat. Care must be taken when doing the treatment as injection of Belkyra into the wrong areas may result in undesired effects. All Belkyra injections are administered by myself because inaccurate injection can result in damage to blood vessels, the thyroid gland or one of the many nerves in the area. And at Lip Doctor, I carry with me empathy for all my patients whether being provided with Belkyra in Toronto or any other major or minor procedure.

The entire procedure takes a matter of several minutes and is very comfortable for the patient. I have found that most patients will require 2-4 treatments (spaced 8-12 weeks apart) to achieve their desired results. Once the result is attained it is long lasting. Fat which is destroyed is permanently removed. Re-treatment would only be needed if there was new and substantial weight gain resulting in new submental fat development. Thus making Kybella a considerable procedure to invest in monetarily as well. Many patients require complementary treatments with other modalities (e.g. laser, RF, threads) to help tighten loose skin that results from the loss of fat in the area to complete the treatment and achieve the final desired look.

What Can I Do If There Is Loose Skin On My Neck After Treatment?/

After a double chin treatment with Belkyra, depending on the amount of fat being treated, some patients may have loose skin in the submental area and desire skin tightening to compliment the double chin therapy. To further define the jaw line and chin there are many options that can be used to help tighten up the skin.

A Laser, (such as Fotona) or Radio Frequency (RF) machine (such as the Exilis or Venus Legacy) may be used following double chin treatment for skin tightening and to promote new collagen production.

Dermal fillers may also be used, either alone or in combination with RF machines or lasers, to help add definition to the bone along the jaw line and chin areas.


Is the Double Chin Treatment Painful Afterwards?

Patients will sometimes experience swelling, redness and slight discomfort in the area injected with Belkyra. This is normal and should not be cause for alarm. It is rare that patients will require pain medication but if it is necessary, Advil is a good option for analgesic action. Although the downtime for this procedure is minimal, I usually suggest that patients who are having their first procedure done should book it on a day where they can take the next day off in case of redness, bruising or discomfort.

What Is the Price of Belkyra Treatment?/

The cost of double chin treatment with Belkyra in Toronto at my clinic varies depending on the size of your double chin and the number of sessions required to fully treat the area. Additional factors such as treatment of loose skin and the desire to further define the jaw line and chin after treatment may also increase the price.

In general, each treatment session with Belkyra will cost around $500 or more. Overall costs depend on how many treatment sessions a patient will need to get rid of the double chin.

So if you are at all considering belkyra in Toronto as an option, here is a good news for you. Book a complimentary appointment now, and after a thorough assessment and discussion about your goals, I will be happy to provide you with a complete plan and an overall price for treatment. However I can assure you that for getting Kybella in Toronto, at my clinic you are not only going to be in safe hands but also in experienced ones.

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