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The Venus Legacy can safely be used on all skin types and can be used to treat a number of different areas on the face and body.

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This non-invasive procedure requires no downtime

What is the Venus Legacy? /

At Dr Bector Cosmetics clinic, we are proud to utilize the Venus LegacyTM, a non-invasive yet extremely effective medical device suitable for a number of non-surgical treatments including skin tightening and contouring, cellulite reduction, and wrinkle reduction. This cutting edge technology is recommended for use on the face and body in order to tighten skin and minimize imperfections.

Is it safe and comfortable on the skin?

The radio frequency technology utilized by the device provides heat homogeneously to various tissue depths while simultaneously cooling your skin to be sure that you are kept comfortable throughout the procedure. The applicators’ sensors provide ongoing thermal feedback, which means that your technician can monitor your skin’s temperature throughout the treatment, ensuring your comfort and safety while also guaranteeing consistent results. This non-invasive procedure requires no downtime so you can resume normal day-to-day activities immediately following your treatment.

How does it work?

Venus Legacy uses a combination of Multi-Polar Radio Frequency (RF) and Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields (PEMF); this amalgamation is referred to as (MP)2 technology. The Multi-Polar Radio Frequency effectively delivers consistent heat to the treatment area, safely reaching multiple layers of tissue. This process is enhanced by the PEMF, a technology which is produced through the applicator’s electrodes, stimulating the skin’s regeneration. As a result of PEMF technology’s proven effectiveness, it has been safely utilized in medicine for decades. When the thermal Multi-Polar RF is used in conjunction with the non-thermal PEMF, it results in a significant increase in collagen production as the RF stimulates fibroblasts and the PEMF provokes fibroblast production by triggering the release of the growth factor FGF-2. As a result, (MP)2 improves collagen production, thereby tightening skin and produces new capillaries, replenishing blood supply.

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Which applicator is right for me? /

All four of the devices applicators employ (MP)2 technology in order to deliver optimal results.

The most appropriate applicator will be selected by your technician depending on your treatment area and goals for the procedure; the OctiPolar and 4D Body applicators are suitable for larger areas on the body, while the DiamondPolar and 4D Face applicators are designed for smaller areas such as the face and neck. The OctiPolar and DiamondPolar applicators are recommended for patients hoping to achieve skin tightening and wrinkle reduction, while the 4D body and face applicators are best suited to contouring.


Both the 4D Body and 4D face applicators also utilize the sophisticated and unique VariPulse technology, which boosts the effectiveness of the RF energy. The VariPulse is a pulsed suction which can be adjusted to ensure that deep energy penetration is achieved. As a result of this pulsed, vacuum-like mechanism, higher temperatures can be reached and maintained because your skin is simultaneously cooled by the applicator, ensuring that you do not feel the heat throughout the procedure. This allows the Venus Legacy to tackle more stubborn aesthetic issues such as cellulite and fat deposits, as the positive and negative air pressure applied prompts the shrinkage of sub-dermal and adipose tissues, breaking down fat and tightening loose skin, thereby minimizing the appearance of cellulite and improving the body’s contour. The RF energy provided also encourages lipolysis, helping to rejuvenate the skin’s appearance. In addition, VariPulse increases the flow of blood to the treatment area and improves lymphatic drainage.


The 4D Body applicator uses a multi-dimensional RF and PEMF energy matrix which enables it to treat specific areas from various angles and positions, increasing its effectiveness. In addition, as a result of its ground-breaking dual multi-polar electrode crown design, the external, flat crown controls the electro-thermal volumetric heating, while the interior, deep tetra-polar crown supplies vacuum-assisted electro-thermal heating intermittently. The range of eight electrodes spaced up to 7.5 cm apart enables large areas to be treated simultaneously, which accelerates the treatment. The distance of the applicator’s electrodes in combination with the use of VariPulse technology effectively penetrates the treatment area by up to 4.5 cm, which increases its effectiveness on fat, ensuring optimal results.

The 4D face applicator /


The 4D face applicator has many of the same features as the 4D Body applicator but its small size makes it ideal for treating areas that are often difficult to reach, such as the neck and cheekbones.

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What is VENUS Viva? /

The VENUS Viva is a radio frequency fractional treatment that rejuvenates the skin correcting pigmentation, texture, and scars. The Viva is an ablative fictional treatment that causes micro injury to the skin at the surface and deeper layers with heat generated by radio frequency. The micro injury stimulates a healing response which stimulates collagen and helps to correct discoloration/hyperpigmentation, acne scars, injury or surgical scars, skin laxity, and stretch marks. In the hands of a skilled paractioner, the Viva can be used to give astounding results.

How many treatments are required? /

The number of treatments required depends on your goals for the procedure and the area being treated. In most instances, dramatic results can be achieved within 5-10 sessions.


Whether you are interested in a body procedure to improve body contouring and reduce cellulite or a facial treatment to tighten lax skin and reduce wrinkles, when utilized by our expert technicians, the Venus Legacy device can be effective in delivering the results you are looking for.

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