Thread-Lifts and Silhouette Soft

New non-surgical facelift treatment using sutures that works wonders for creased and sagging skin

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also known as a Silhouette Soft Facelift

What Does a Facial ThreadLift Procedure Look Like?/

The procedure typically takes about 30 minutes to complete and the patient can quickly go back to their normal activities.

During your private consultation, we will identify the areas of your face that have skin laxity or creasing and areas that would benefit from a lifting procedure. You will be able to share your concerns and aesthetic goals, I will then map out your face with a special technique to determine where the thread lift should occur and what the thread lift will cost. But to get the best cost for Thread Lift in Toronto while also being in reliable hands, come visit our site.

Silhouette Soft threads use 2 separate needles on a single thread. The thread is lined with PLLA cones. On half the thread, they are facing in one direction and on the other half they are facing the opposite direction. An introducing hole is made in the skin with an 18 gauge needle. One of the needles is inserted into the hole to a depth of 5 mm, the needle is pivoted by 90 degrees to make it parallel to the skin and half of the thread is placed in the subcutaneous layer along the vector line. The needle is made to exit 1 cm past the targeted area of laxity, the skin is patted down along the thread to allow attachment, then the thread is cut from the first needle.

The second needle is then inserted into the original introducing hole, and the other half of the thread is placed in an upward direction, usually just past the hair line where the needle exits and it is positioned to give traction (pulling) in the direction required to provide the desired lift. When the thread is cut from the second needle, the lifting thread is in place. This procedure is repeated for all of the threads that are to be inserted. The number of threads used will vary depending on the number of areas being lifted and the amount of thread lift required.

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What Exactly are Silhouette Soft Sutures?/

The Facial Threads or Silhouette Soft sutures are made of a Poly L-lactic (PLLA)

The Facial Threads or Silhouette Soft sutures are made of a Poly L-lactic (PLLA), a well known polymer that has been used on the decades for many biomedical and pharmaceutical applications including suture threads (the material that stitches are made from), pins used in orthopaedics, and rods, screws and nails that are used to treat bone fractures. This particular PLLA is very biocompatible with human beings and is also biodegradable over time in the body. PLLA also stimulates your body to make new collagen and this is a huge natural benefit that create your face looking fresh and rejuvenated over many years.

There is no special preparation required before the Silhouette Soft treatment or Thread Lift treatments are performed. It is essential that during our consultation, you let me know of any other treatments you have already undergone for your face and also let me know of any medications that you are on.

How Do Silhouette Soft or Facial Threads Create a Lift?/

Sutures that are implanted under the facial skin will gradually lift the fallen tissue, that has descended due to both aging and gravity.

The result is a youthful look that rounds and rejuvenates hollow cheeks, and creates a well-defined jawline. The lifting effect is seen immediately, and is causing by the evolving process that takes place around the various threads. The Poly L-lactic (PLLA) impacts the deeper layers of skin around it and creates an increase in volume by stimulating the body’s natural collagen production.

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Post Treatment Care after a Facial Thread Lift/

After a Facial Thread lift procedure, you may experience oedema (water collection in the tissue) or bruising at the entry point of the small needles. The oedema and bruising typically resolve with a few days and should not cause you any alarm. I will prescribe my patients with an antibiotic cream that should be applied morning and evening at the entry and exit points of the suture material and cream application should continue for 5 days.

After the procedure, I recommend that you refrain from the following for a few days to up to approximately one month:


  • Do not sleep on your face side, try and sleep face up (10 days)
  • Do not rub your face vigorously and when washing be sure to pat-dry gently (10 days)
  • Do not allow direct sunlight and altogether avoid tanning beds (2 weeks)
  • Avoid all impact sports and exercise moderately only for about 2 weeks
  • Do not use the stream room or saunas (2 weeks)
  • Avoid dental surgery for at least a 3-week period
  • Avoid facial massages and all other aesthetic treatments for 1 month

Who Should Provide the Treatment?

It is essential that this procedure is performed by a physician who understands the anatomical face structure and offers the best Thread Lift Cost. Also Silhouette Soft should only be performed by doctors that have specific training in the techniques. I have been specially trained on this procedure and am qualified to offer it to patients as soon as Health Canada approved the product use. So to get a Thread Lift in Toronto, please continue to check our site so that we can let you know when exactly we are offering this procedure.

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Approval Process in Canada/

The FDA has approved the Silhouette Soft Lift (thread lift) procedure in the United States and the Silhouette Soft is currently under consideration by our regulatory body in Canada and should get approval shortly.

The Non-Surgical Face lift using Silhouette Soft does not have any standard complications associated with it. The Silhouette Soft can be done by itself or in conjunction with Dermal Fillers.

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