Botox® Toronto & Mississauga Guide

How To Undo 10 Years Of Aging Without Spending a Fortune


Almost every morning, you find yourself looking intently in the mirror while wondering….


“Is it my imagination.. or do I look older than I did 24 hours ago?”


You’ve read countless ‘How to make your skin look radiant’ articles and spent a small fortune on all sorts of creams, lotions and potions.


Remaining hopeful, you find yourself desperately looking for any signs of improvements on your face, at times finding evidence of tiny improvement, igniting a glimmer of hope that you aren’t actually wasting time & money.


No matter what you do, none of it is making the ‘WOW’ type of difference you’re longing for…

Inevitably, you start asking yourself, did I finally reach the age of no return? Do I look too old for my age? Have others noticed just how much I’ve aged over the last few years?

Feelings of helplessness and panic have now set in.

Imagine instead of dreadful thoughts of disappointment, you look forward to enjoying amazing improvements. Take a breath, we have a more than satisfying solution for you, Botox!

As you look in the mirror you see signs of aging being replaced with youthfulness and a radiant appearance.

Feelings of panic are replaced with feelings of triumph, you’re doing something that actually demolishes those pesky signs of aging!

Looking for that ‘perfect cream/lotion/serum’ is no longer needed. You find yourself saving a fortune while loving endless compliments from your friends and family.

Sounds too good to be true? It’s not.

Take the next step and explore what’s possible during a free 1-to-1 consultation with me (Dr. Neel Bector).

Your youthful appearance and radiant skin awaits you.

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12 Things You Need to Know About Botox! The Definitive Guide…  to avoid uneven eyebrows and frozen faces without natural expression!

What Causes Wrinkles Anyway?


Wrinkles are a very natural part of the aging process but that doesn’t mean that you have no control over what they look like. Damage from the sun, environmental and genetic factors, dehydration and diet will all contribute to how your skin ages over the long term. One huge thing you can do to ensure that your skin, especially on the face, stays as wrinkle free as possible is to use a great quality sun screen religiously. UV light rays break down collagen and elastin fibers in the skin and cause the formation of wrinkles over time.  


How Botox Eradicates Wrinkles


So the big question is always what exactly are you having injected into your face? Clostridium Botulinum is the bacteria that produces Botulinum Toxin (Botox). It is a natural substance, available at our Botox clinic.

The bacteria is found in lakes, soil, mammals and fish. The bacteria itself is not dangerous. When the bacteria produces a neurotoxin and it is ingested it can be deadly. But remember you are not ingesting it! I am injecting micro doses only!

Neurotoxins work by disturbing the signalling process used by the nervous system to communicate. In a clinical setting, neuromodulators like Botox and Xeomin, are injected in micro quantities. This micro-dose quantities prevent the nerve signals from reaching the muscle.

Your nerves send out a chemical messenger, called a neurotransmitter, to make your muscle contract. When your muscle can’t contract as strongly, the skin overtop does not wrinkle. It’s that simple. So Botox works well and definitely lessens your wrinkles.

People have the misconception that Botox is a miracle wrinkles eraser… Reality is that it does not treat the wrinkle, it treats the cause of the wrinkles, which is even better because we treat the root cause of what’s causing that dull look you want to get rid of at our Botox clinic.

Botox, Dysport, Xeomin, (also known as botulinum toxin, botulinum neurotoxin) are FDA / Health Care approved for cosmetic and medical treatments. So if you are looking for a reliable doctor doing Botox in Toronto, you know where to go.

Last year alone, there were an approximated 8 million procedures using neuromodulators worldwide! Neuromodulators such as Botox are so popular because they are cost-effective, very safe, and have no downtime. They also deliver amazing results when done well.


5 Life Changing Uses for Botox and Xeomin include:

  • Wrinkles, wrinkles, wrinkles!
  • Treating migraine headaches
  • Bladder dysfunction and overactivity
  • Treating neck and shoulder muscle tightness and spasms
  • Treatment of excessive sweating from underarms and palms of the hand

Is Botox Only for the Rich and Famous who Like to Take Risks?!?


Okay people – put up your hand if you think Botox is for “fake people who cannot come to terms with their age!”

Or put up your hand if you think Botox use is plagued with problems…dangerous and unsafe.  

Or do you feel it’s no big deal… like Botox can’t go wrong or be messed up.  

If you feel any of these ways, you are not alone.  



These days Botox advertisements and offerings are everywhere… 

  • Botox offered in a friends basement… on the cheap!
  • Botox at the nail salon place I go to… on the cheap!
  • Botox at my hair salon… or the spa where I get facials – on the cheap
  • Botox at my vet!! Not even joking here. It’s crazy!

Botox, botox, botox… everyone has heard about it, seen ads for it, knows someone who has done it. But do people get how Botox done poorly can turn their life into a temporary tragedy?


Reality Check: A botched Botox job will bother you way more than the original concern that you were trying to fix! 

Botox is so popular because people think it’s safe, easy to inject, readily available and fool proof to use. Think about how many people you know that look worse after Botox! I can think of quite a few people who’s Botox made it worse for them instead of making it better.


I rest my case…


Given its popularity you would think that people know a lot about Botox right? The truth, they don’t. In my practice, providing Botox in Toronto, I get lots of questions about Botox all day long.


I have patients who have asked me if Botox contains rat poison…  Others have asked if it contains snake venom? 


The truth is that Botox can be used by almost anybody.


It is relatively inexpensive – treatments start as low as $100.00 or $0.80 per day (for 4 months) – and it’s proven to be effective.


Compare this to many anti-wrinkle creams that can cost up to double the amount at $200.00 or more and will last up to 3 months. Often it can be like throwing this money into a wishing well, hoping that it will give you results.


Don’t Go for a Good Price without Good Qualifications – This is not something you get on Groupon:  The truth is that if you see an experienced cosmetic doctor for your Botox injections you are in safe hands. What you want to avoid is Botox being injected into areas where the results are dangerous or very unnatural. Opt for a botox clinic with quality and assurance that are more than capable of providing you with the best service.


Don’t be afraid to ask how many units are being injected. Make sure the number seems reasonable. Yes everybody has different bodies, different metabolism and different muscle strength – but the variations in injected Botox amounts should not be big. See an injector that starts off conservatively – remember Botox can not be removed once injected! It’s a 3-6 month wait after that.

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What Does a BOTOX Treatment Feel Like? 


BOTOX Treatments are non-surgical injections which are simple once the face is assessed and mapped out. We provide our patients with one of the best Botox in Toronto.

The procedure itself can be completed in only a few minutes and the results start to show about 4 days after the BOTOX injections.

Some patients will experience a bit of redness at the injection site but this resolves quickly.

There is a very small possibility of bruising. Bruising can be managed by stopping all pain medications (other than Tylenol) and supplements (ginseng, omega oils, vitamin E) of a non-medical nature about a week prior to the BOTOX treatment.

You will know that the Botox is working when you start to experience a relaxation in the treated muscles and softening of any lines and wrinkles in the overlying skin.



I got Botox! What can’t I Do?

After getting Botox it is recommended that you don’t do strenuous exercise, lay down or manipulate the area injected for approximately 4 hours. Also do not bend forward because the product can move.

Mineral makeup can be used directly after Botox to help hide any redness or light bruising,.. both of which are normal.



How long with my Botox Results lasts?


In most people Botox will last anywhere between 3-6 months. You will require less Botox as you continue to inject as the muscles contraction weakens over time.



Waiting To Get Hit By a Bus Before Moving Out Of The Way Is a Bad Idea


There is no magic age to have Botox done but I do feel that an ounce of prevention helps early on. Waiting for your wrinkles to appear before taking preventative measures is backwards thinking.

The younger you start the further you get to keep your youthfulness. The ideal scenario is always prevention. To maintain a younger & smoother look, most patients will get 3 to 4 Botox treatments per year.

Consistent Botox use actually prevents formation of lines and wrinkles. Botox is used as a powerful lines and wrinkles preventative measure amongst young people more than ever before.


What Causes my Wrinkles?


Wrinkles and fine lines develop on aging skin with hundreds of daily facial contractions. Botox weakens/stops muscle contractions, the end result is visible reduction of lines and wrinkles. It’s also amazing at preventing deeper, permanent lines from occurring.

Botox is a wonderful face spot treatments. For example, performing spot treatment on lines/divots on one part of the face while leaving the rest of the face untouched

Am I the right candidate for Botox?


Botox is number the 1 cosmetic treatment worldwide. Botox or Botulinum Toxin Type A has been in use for decades. It was and is used to treat excessive sweating, tension headaches and migraines, and muscle spasms in both young children and adults. In other words, it has a very long and, in the right hands, clean history of use. It is only recently that it has become the #1 cosmetic treatment.

The ideal patient for Botox is over the age of 18, in good health, and has dynamic lines and wrinkles that are appropriate for this type of treatment. Female patients who are pregnant or breastfeeding should not get Botox injections. Patients with skin disorders that are not treated or neuromuscular diseases should also avoid Botox use. It is important that you tell your doctor about your medical history before getting a Botox injection.

Important Note: Botox is not just a one time thing! Ask yourself if you are cool with seeing your injector every 3-6 months for another treatment.


Frozen Face Syndrome Botox has a Bad Rap


BOTOX has been used for decades and does not carry with it any significant risks related to the substance itself. The risk to any BOTOX patient is actually the education level of their injector. All Botox injections at our locations are physician administered. An MD is required to have a superior knowledge of facial anatomy. This includes knowing how nerves and muscle work and where exactly they are in the face.

Untrained injectors can inject into the wrong facial muscle causing many terrible outcomes. These outcomes can last for up to 6 months! Complications from Botox include:

  • nerve paralysis, 
  • eyebrow or eyelid droop
  • asymmetrical facial expression due to uneven treatment


Patients can also have poor treatment outcomes when the injector uses too much product in one area and creates that, “wooden face look”; the patient will no longer be able to show genuine facial expressions.

I use BOTOX to soften and smooth the skin in areas where you have dynamic wrinkles. I do not want to paralyze your muscles.  Rather I aim to relax their contraction so that the wrinkles don’t form and the face still looks genuine and expressive.

Prior to receiving injections of Botox for medical condition, I highly recommend speaking to your doctor. Botox serious side effects are increased when used incorrectly. It’s advisable not to seek treatment of medical conditions at skin clinics, med spas or by anyone who is not a physician. Make sure you locate healthcare professionals who are trained in injection of botulinum toxin.


At Dr. Bector Cosmetics we offer a comprehensive eye opening Botox Cosmetics consultation. 

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Top 7 Jaw Dropping Results of Botox Use 


  • Smoother, younger looking skin
  • An overall reduction in fine lines and wrinkles 
  • Improved appearance of forehead lines 
  • Softening of lines between the eyebrows
  • Minimizes the appearance of lines around the eyes (crows feet) and lines around the mouth.
  • Injection of botulinum into the masseter (TMJ) muscle to create a softer jawline
  • Part of a comprehensive soft facelift to address smoother skin 



How Much Does BOTOX Cost?


Botox cosmetic injection cost in Toronto & Mississauga range between $6-14 per unit (prices vary by expertise of Botox cosmetic injection practitioner).  I strongly recommend that experience and medical qualifications be your guide when choosing an injector, not price alone.

What is the Difference between Botox, Dysport and Xeomin?


The differences between the brands is really not significant. They all have the same main ingredient. BOTOX is best known because it was the first one on the market!

You will not be able to tell by looking at someone which brand of neurotoxin they had injected.



How Long Does it Take? Works with 2-3 Days

Best Result after 3 weeks

Works within 1-2 days

Best Result after 2 weeks

Works within 3-5 days

Best Result at about 3 weeks

Possbile Antibody FormationYesYesNo
How Long Does it Last?3-6 months 3-6 months3-6 months
Cost $8-14 per unt$6-10 per unit$8-14 per unit

Why Most Botox Before & Afters Look So Fake


At Dr. Bector Cosmetics we do not want people to know that you got Botox. We want people to think that you are well rested, hydrated and aging well!! If you get compliments from your friends about how great you look and they ask “what’s your secret?” we know we did a great job!

Nowadays there are photos posted everywhere of Before / After pictures of different cosmetic treatments. The concern is that these photos are only showing the best case scenarios or show people with too much product injected. We want you to look like yourself – just more fresh, rested and young!


Dynamic vs Static Wrinkles – Botox is NOT Dermal Filler! Pick the Right Product


The type of wrinkles that concern you fall into two different and distinct categories. A dynamic wrinkle / dynamic line, forms when a muscle contracts under the skin. This is often seen when making different facial expressions. When you smile, you get lines on the side of the lips (smile lines) and you will also get lines under and around the eyes called crow’s feet. These lines are created by muscle contraction and are more visible as we age. This is because the collagen and elastin in the skin has decreased.  The repeated expression eventually causes creases to stay in the skin.

Static lines and creases tend to be visible even when no muscle contraction is occurring. They are always visible and are thus static. These lines occur with age, as we have reduced levels of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid present in the skin. These lines cannot be treated with a BOTOX injections –  there is no muscle contraction to begin with. If you want treatment of these lines, your doctor should be using an Dermal Filler. Dermal Filler fills the line or crease in, to create a smoother contour. Sometimes you can have static lines that are made deeper with certain facial expressions – these are both dynamic and static – and a combination of Dermal Filler and Botox may be used to treat these.

3 Complementary Procedures That Transform Botox Results From Great To Unbelievable!


How to more than triple the results of Botox with complimentary procedures? I specialize in various rejuvenation techniques and understand that my approach has to be creative if I want patients to experience a big difference in how they look.

In order for you to look younger I must improve the overall texture of your skin. I do this by use of Lasers, PRP microneedling, Facial Peels and great medical grade Skin Care.  The quality of your skin is very important.

Neuromodulators (Botox / Xeomin)  are what I use to prevent the muscle contract that produces the wrinkle. A custom tailored approach can produce amazing, individual results!


Good to Exceptional Results!

Botox can be used along side a number of aesthetic treatments without worry. It is a great treatment to combine with Fillers, Threads, PRP face and Lasers to take good results to  exceptional results.

Top 9 Bothersome Medical Conditions Treated By Botox

  1. Migraine headaches
  2. Overactive Bladder
  3. Limb spasticity
  4. Cerebral palsy
  5. Muscle disorders
  6. Cervical dystonia
  7. Teeth clenching during sleep or when stressed
  8. Treating sweating under the armpits that’s excessive (hyperhidrosis)
  9. Treating sweating palms of the hand

What are other skin care effects of botulinum toxin in cosmetic medicine?


Lots of different companies are coming out with products that include botulinum toxin or botox added to anti-aging facial creams that are applied topically. There is no proven results for this. Typically these creams are both expensive and ineffective. For more on this subject check out

When combined with treatments and cosmetic procedures such as Laser Hair removal, Body Contouring (with machines like Cool Sculpt, Venus Freeze, Body Fx), Dermal Filler, micro needling, skin tightening, skin resurfacing, chemical peels, and platelet rich plasma (PRP) the results can be outstanding.

Female patients who are pregnant or breast-feeding should not get Botox injections. Patients with skin disorders that are not treated or neuromuscular diseases (such as Myasthenia Gravis) should also avoid Botox use. It is imperative that you tell your doctor about your medical history before getting a Botox injection.