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#1 Surgical Rhinoplasty?

You may have many beautiful features but if you are conscious about the shape of your nose, it is hard to avoid thinking about it daily. For many decades patients who were unhappy with their nose shape or size had only the option of a surgical rhinoplasty to consider.

A surgical rhinoplasty is a complex procedure that requires going, “under the knife”.

Whereas a non-surgical nose job uses Dermal Fillers and the cost is a fraction of that associated with the surgical rhinoplasty.

A surgical rhinoplasty is a necessary procedure for those who wish to have their nose size reduced or for patients who need to have their nasal airway reconstructed to ensure better breathing due to a deviated septum or other irregularity.

People can be unhappy with their nose shape for several reasons including unevenness/hump, injury or a broken nose, bumpiness or overall size and shape. If you are a person who wants to take attention away from your nose, or stop feeling self-conscious about it, you should consider the option of a non-surgical rhinoplasty or non-invasive, non-surgical nose job that uses injectable fillers to create a beautiful nose and lets you look your absolute best! It is my intention to keep you looking natural and beautiful even after your non-surgical nose job. With you, I will consider the facial profile that you want and help you to achieve your aesthetic goals.

Non Surgical Nose Job - Before & After Results

Non Surgical Nose Job
Before & After Results

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#2 What is a non-surgical nose job and why should I consider it over the surgical rhinoplasty?

With the advancement of dermal fillers in the market, Surgical Rhinoplasty is no longer the only option available to those who want to modify their nose shape or size.

You may have many beautiful features but if you are conscious about the shape of your nose, it is hard to avoid thinking about it daily. For many decades patients who were unhappy with their nose shape or size had only the option of a surgical rhinoplasty to consider.

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty or Non-Surgical Nose Jobs can enhance the face’s central feature and add facial

symmetry without having to endure the cost, recovery and permanency of a surgical rhinoplasty. A non-surgical nose job takes approximately 30 minutes from start to finish with virtually no downtime, painkillers or side effects. Wondering what is the non-surgical nose-job cost? It is also much more affordable and allows patients to try out a nose modification without being nervous about satisfaction with the permanent results that a surgical procedure provides.

Non-Surgical Nose Jobs are Great for Nose Reshaping, Nose Lifting and Improving the Nose Contour

Dermal fillers can be used very effectively to create volume in the face and beautifully contour the nose. A Non-Surgical Nose Job does not require anything more than a visit to the clinic and typically takes about thirty minutes. And the non-surgical nose job in Toronto at my clinic is cost-effective, especially in comparison to the Surgical Rhinoplasty with added advantages of no long post-op recovery. Nose reshaping without surgery can very effectively be used to correct deformities of the nose due to a break. Dermal fillers can also be used to augment the dorsum, (add to the bridge of the nose) or to correct any irregularities of the nose. Dermal Fillers are wonderful for straightening the nose profile, making the nose more symmetrical and in harmony with other facial features. More dense, firmer facial fillers can be used to fully straighten the appearance of a crooked nose with eminent difference being visible with the non-surgical nose job before and after it.

#3 Always Safety First!

There are a number of safety concerns to keep in mind when evaluating who will do your Non-Surgical Nose Job.

Ensure that your Doctor injector will only use a temporary filler that is Health Canada approved. Most permanent fillers are synthetic and carry a number of complication risks. I, for my patients non-surgical nose job in Toronto, only use dermal fillers that are hyaluronic acid based and do not create complications such as chronic granulomas or skin infections and reactions. Hyaluronic acid is a natural sugar already found naturally in the body and it has an incredible record of accomplishment for safety. It is metabolized by your body in the nose area after about 1 year. Typically, I will use Restylane, Perlane, Teosyal or Stylage as my dermal fillers of choice and I will select based on the right consistency of product for the shape we are going to create with the non-surgical nose job.

Over-filling not only looks bad but can cause poor blood flow resulting in skin pigmentation issues and create scarring on and around the nose.

When we complete our Non-Surgical Nose Job consultation, I will also consider the amount of facial filler I wish to inject to create the results that you want. Be wary of excessive filler injecting. Usually, this is a concern when treated by an injector who does not have enough medical expertise.

Non Surgical Rhinoplasty Transformations

Non-Surgical Nose Job Before & After Results Toronto Non-Surgical Nose Job - Before After - Toronto


#4 Know Your Nose Job Options

It is very important to see a medical aesthetics doctor or surgeon when considering what type of Nose Job you require to correct the problem that concerns you.

As a general rule, if your nose is too small, lacks shape, is bumpy or needs augmentation of the nasal tip or a stronger nasal bridge, dermal fillers can be used to produce the outcome of what you want. If your nose is too prominent or large, dermal fillers will not help because they add volume. In that case, you should then consider a Surgical Rhinoplasty instead of a non-surgical nose job.

#5 How much does a non-surgical nose job in Toronto & Mississauga area cost?

As of 2023, in greater Toronto area, non-surgical nose job cost ranges $700 to $1000. Price depends on the type of dermal filler and number of syringes used in the procedure. For the exact quote of the non-surgical nose job cost, we will only be able to finalize after a consultation. We expect these prices to remain the same going into 2024.

#6 How Painful is the Nose Correction Option Without Surgery?

The dermal filler industry has changed tremendously over the last few years and great advancements have been made in terms of consistency of products, price, safety and product longevity. The injectable fillers that I use for Non-Invasive, Non-Surgical Nose Jobs in Toronto all contain Lidocaine. Lidocaine is a freezing agent that allows for nose correction without surgery to be comfortable and relatively painless.

#7 Ethnicity and the Non-Surgical Nose Job

We are blessed to be living in Toronto, a multicultural hub. I have the pleasure of meeting patients from all ethnicities and have made it my priority to understand the different beauty considerations and standards that exist in their cultures. My goal is to make everyone look their personal best without changing features and facial structure with the non-surgical nose job before and after. Many of my patients seek an Asian Rhinoplasty which essentially entails, creating a defined bridge of the nose. Many African American patients want to see a more defined tip of their nose or want to lift the bridge of their nose while maintaining their ethnic look. For me, a successful Non-Surgical Nose Job is about enhancing my patient’s natural beauty according to the patient’s preference and desire for a non-surgical nose job before and after.

How non-surgical nose jobs work Desktop

20 Of Your Non-Surgical Nose Job Questions Answered for

Toronto, Mississauga & Oakville

How non-surgical nose jobs work Desktop

20 Of Your Non-Surgical Nose Job Questions Answered for Toronto, Mississauga & Oakville

Exactly how does a non-surgical nose job procedure work?

A non surgical nose job involves a technique of injecting along the nose that uses Dermal Fillers to reshape the nose for the desired result.

What does a non-surgical nose job do?

Done by the right Cosmetic Doctor, non surgical nose jobs can be very effective at subtle changes to the nose tip and dorsum without the need for surgery. Subtle changes to nasal contours have a very significant impact on the overall aesthetics of the face.

Is a non-surgical nose job permanent?

A non surgical nose job is not a permanent procedure. The Dermal Filler used for this procedure will usually be absorbed back into the body within 8-18 months depending on the clients metabolism.

Is a non-surgical nose job safe?

A non surgical nose job carries with it greater risk than other dermal filler procedures. The nose is a small area with less microcirculation and placing filler in the wrong area of the nose can cause a further reduction in blood flow to the area. This procedure should ONLY be done by a practitioner with experience injecting noses.

Can a non-surgical nose job be permanent?

A non surgical nose job can never be permanent. The procedure will need to be repeated every 8-18 months to retain the results.

Are there permanent non-surgical nose jobs?

There are no non surgical permanent nose jobs. The permanent option is only possible by undergoing a surgical rhinoplasty.

Can a non-surgical nose job fix bulbous tip or a bend in the nose?

Strong candidates for a non surgical nose job include clients who want:
• A more well defined nose and/ or nasal tip
• A further increase in their nasal tip projection
• To mask or remove a bump in the nose
• To straighten the nose
• To add further volume to their nasal bridge to stop their glasses from sliding down the nose bridge
• To address concerns around nasal symmetry
• To lift the tip of the nose

How Long Does a Non Surgical Nose Job Take?

A non surgical nose job with Dr. Bector is a 15 to 30 minute procedure that provides immediate, beautiful results.

Non-surgical nose jobs near me? Who should I go to?

We strongly recommend that you see a cosmetic doctor, with experience in nose injections, for your non surgical nose job. Before doing the procedure make sure that you have done a consultation with the doctor and that all your questions and concerns have been answered. To schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Bector at Lip Doctor Cosmetics click here.

How long does a non-surgical nose job last?

A non surgical nose job will last between 8-18 months depending on your body’s ability to break down the hyaluronic acid filler used for the reshaping.

What are the benefits of non-surgical nose jobs?

Non surgical nose jobs are a very easy way to create facial aesthetics. They are ideal for clients who are looking to:
• Make a quick and subtle improvement in their nose shape
• Want to see how a changed nose shape will make them feel without committing to something permanent and irreversible like a surgical rhinoplasty
• Address mild to moderate concerns and imperfections of the nose
• Get a great results without going under the knife

Can non-surgical nose job cause blindness?

It is very rare but a non surgical nose job done incorrectly may cause blindness if the Dermal Filler used is not placed correctly.

Non-Surgical Nose Job Side Effects? What are they?

Expected side effects of a non surgical nose job are the same as any other Dermal Filler procedure. You can expect a little bit of bruising or swelling that should subside within 2 days. The procedure itself is pain free, you may experience the sensation of pressure, as the dermal filler used has Lidocaine in it which is a local freezing agent.

Top rated non- surgical nose job Toronto? Why I should Choose Dr. Bector to do my procedure?

Dr. Bector has had excellent client results as it relates to non surgical nose jobs. He has perfected his technique and will provided amazing results - guaranteed!

Whether you choose to come to Lip Doctor Cosmetic or not, we highly recommend seeing a well trained cosmetic doctor for this procedure to avoid negative side effects and consequences.

Non-Surgical Nose Job Reviews?

Please click here to see some of our non surgical nose job client reviews.

Non-surgical nose job price? How much do non-surgical nose jobs cost?

The price for a non surgical nose job varies from place to place. At Lip Doctor Cosmetics a non surgical nose job starts at $899 plus tax. The procedure is completed by Dr. Bector himself and includes the injection procedure and the dermal filler. We do NOT charge for a non surgical nose job consultation.

Are surgical nose jobs a better investment over non-surgical nose jobs?

A surgical nose job is considerably more expensive (usually ranging in price from $9000 to $15000) nd may be a good investment if you are certain that you want a permanent fix and do not want to continue getting Dermal Filler every 8-18 months. Our clients love their non surgical nose job because there are few risks and the improvements made to the nose are significant!

My nostrils are too big. Can a non-surgical nose job make nostrils smaller?

Typically a non surgical nose job cannot be used to make either the nose or nostrils look smaller. Still, Dr. Bector has perfected techniques where the proportion and the size of the nose looks better because he has added volume or length or symmetry to other areas of the nose. For example, a client may come in complaining of a nose that looks too wide… By adding volume to the bridge and tip we are able to create the illusion of a thinner nose.

Are non-surgical nose jobs worth it?

Most clients that come to Dr. Bector for a non surgical nose job love their results and become life long clients. Our interest is in your happiness. Book a complimentary consultation with us today and see how you feel after meeting us and having your questions answered.

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Free Nose Consultation and proposed Teatment Plan

As a physician who resides in Toronto, the greatest multicultural hub in the world, I have had the opportunity to work with incredible people from all different backgrounds. This has given me a different perspective on my clients’ individual needs and better understand the various beauty standards that exist across various cultures.

Whether you are Asian, African American, Spanish, or Swedish and have varying nose shapes we can tailor our non-surgical nose job to suit each patients’ needs. If you are looking for a more defined nose tip or a raised or more defined bridge, we can help. I pride myself helping my patients achieve their desired look, with our Non-Surgical Nose Job Procedure.