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Science Shows Us How To Maximize Our Look With Lip Fillers

The Science Behind Your Lips

Have you ever wondered which lip shape is the sexiest? Is it Angelina Jolie’s, Kaylie Jenners or Emma Watson that has their lips down to a science? Yes that’s right… a lot of Hollywood stars have used scientific lip modelling programs to figure out their best lip look.

These programs account for the following:

Facial anatomy
Anatomical landmarks of the face
Facial proportion of the lips
Ethnic and Sexual considerations
Projection of the lips in relation to the nose and chin

Before and After 1 Before and After 2

Many of us don’t have access to the same resources that the rich and famous have for our lip job! What should you do? Start by using our Virtual Lip Makeover

Virtual Smile Makeover Virtual Cosmetic Makeover - Lip Doctor Desc

When searching for a lip injector make sure that they understand what makes the perfect pout and what makes it noticeably obvious and unnatural. Studies have found over and over again that balanced upper and lower lips are consider more attractive than asymmetrical lips. A defined Cupids Bow is also key! Poorly injected lips no longer show a Cupid’s Bow and give the face a more fatigued, undefined look.

Dr. Bector understands that beauty is about naturally balanced results that suit the structure of your face. It is also about using the right dermal filler consistency to create a kissable looking pout. Filler injected incorrectly or into the wrong area will feel and look stiff and bumpy. Before any Cosmetic Doctor actually injects your lips they should be doing a consultation where they take a very close look at your facial structure. You should also be informing the Doctor about other procedures / treatments you are seeking for your face as this will change the overall aesthetics of your face.

Tips for perfect Lip Colour

If you want your lips to get noticed more don’t just think about adding more to the size. The colour red in all the hues available attract huge attention! Even pinks do very well as capturing many a glance. Regardless of the colour and size, make sure that your lips look moist, fresh and non chapped.