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Rid Yourself of Active Acne for Good!

Acne can be super frustrating because most people feel that they should not have to deal with it after they leave high school. Treating active acne can be even more frustrating and confusing as there are millions of products available that make great promises but in reality most of them don’t work!

What is Acne Anyway?

Acne is caused by a specific bacteria found on the skin called P. acnes. The outlet of the sebaceous gland (commonly called a pore) gets blocked trapping the bacteria underneath and allowing them to multiply. Your body responds to this with an inflammatory reaction and often with the production of pus. Acne commonly occurs on the face, back and shoulders, but can affect almost any part of the body. Generally, the earlier Acne is treated the less likely it is to cause scarring.


Before and After 1 Before and After 2

Acne occurs for 3 reasons

1. When your skin’s sebaceous glands become blocked with excess Sebum (oil) and dead skincells.

2. Bacteria on the skin surface that has gotten underneath

3. Excess activity of a type of hormone (androgens)

Acne Sings and Symptoms
Acne Sings and Symptoms


Acne Signs & Symptoms from Mild to Severe

Whiteheads / Blackheads - a combination of open and closed plugged pores

Papules - small tender red bumps

Pimples - Papules that appear red with a tip of pus

Nodules - Large, painful lumps beneath the surface of the skin that almost feel solid and unmoving

Cystic Lesions - Highly painful, pus filled lumps that sit beneath the skin surface and often leave deep scars if left untreated.

Acne Myths
Acne Myths


Greasy Fried Foods causes acne
Cosmetics products cause acne
Dirty skin causes acne

Take Action

Many effective treatments do exist for acne, but acne can also be very persistent - it needs to be treated by a Cosmetic Doctor / Cosmetic Clinic or Dermatologist if you want it to go for good.

The reality is that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for acne. When you visit Dr. Bector Cosmetics / The LipDoctor you can expect a very thorough consultation which includes:

1. A complete medical history to rule out underlying causes that should not be ignored, this may include a blood test if necessary

2. An assessment of your skin condition and a grade assignment for your acne condition that ranges between 1-4 depending on the severity.

3. An assessment of existing scars and how deep the acne sits under the top skin layer to prevent further scarring going forward

Your 2 Treatment Options

Topical Acne Treatment - These tend to be very common for adolescents - they work by killing the acne causing bacteria on the epidermis (top layer) and by helping to regulate oil production. Topical treatments include retinoids, different types of safe acids, different anti-bacterial agents, and benzoyl peroxide.

Oral Acne Treatment - These are medications that work internally to address red, swollen pimples, acne cysts and nodules, that are usually quite painful. For example, antibiotics can be used to decrease inflammation and kill bacteria; birth control pills can be used to help regulate hormonal acne and so on.

Acne Treatments
Acne Treatments


Pre-teens - Use Salicylic Acid based products that are best purchased from your Cosmetic Doctor as they have the right concentration to create results and are customized to your skin condition. Salicylic Acid is a beta-hydroxy acid (BHA) and works by dissolving excess oil and exfoliating dead skin cells. Use a face wash with BHA or even better a toner, moisturizer or spot treatment with BHA to get longer lasting results. You can also use Glycolic Acid (alpha-hydroxy acid or AHA) to achieve similar results.

Teens - Continue using either an AHA / BHA based skincare line but also add in limited use of Benzoyl Peroxide as an antibacterial ingredient that is very effective at killing the P. Acne bacteria responsible for outbreaks.

Adults - For acne clients that are young adults / adults adding Retinol to your skin routine really helps. Not only are Retinol based products anti-aging but they are also anti-inflammatory and create cellular turnover. Prescription based retinol or Retinol purchased from a Cosmetic Doctor / Cosmetic Clinic tends to be medical grade and very effective. It can also address scarring and hyper-pigmentation caused by active acne as a side benefit.

Note - Retinol based products can cause skin sensitivity and should be added gradually and under the supervision of a medical doctor. Chemical Peels that are done in regular increments are also an excellent way to control acne breakouts and persistent acne. Chemical Peels should always be done at a Cosmetic Clinic with a doctor on the premises. They can be made completely for your specific skincare needs.

Severe Acne Recommendations - Speak to a cosmetic doctor about any or all of the following to determine which treatment / product might be best for your particular case. Remember that treating your acne consistently and with medical grade products will reduce the potential for scarring and other skin concerns.

1. Dapsone Gel

2. Cortisone

3. The Birth Control pill

4. Androgen blockers like Spironalactone

5. Isotretinoin - super strong retinoid

6. Azelaic Acid - great for inflammation, malasma, rosacea and acne Antibiotics

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