Eyelash & Eyebrow Augmentation

Eyebrow shape has become a very hot beauty and anti-aging topic over the last few years.

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Eyelashes are a statement of beauty
that enhance the overall look of the upper face

Eyelash & Eyebrow Augmentation/

The eyes tend to be a focal point of the face, along with the mouth, and can be prone to showing signs of the aging process.

In our culture the eyes speak to your age and your overall vitality. Age based changes to the eyes can include hollows underneath the eyes, crows feet and drooping lids. These concerns can be addressed in a number of ways including filler injections, botox, thread lifts, PRP, radio frequency and even medical grade skincare products.

Our eyelashes also become different as we age and these changes can make the eyes look smaller and more tired. Women in my practice often feel that age has made their lashes shorter, thinner and less pigmented. In most cultures long, thick and pigmented eyelashes are a statement of beauty and are thought to enhance the overall look of the upper face.

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Good-Old Eyelash Thickening Mascara

Most women who want to enhance their eyelashes tend to use mascara which is great at disguising pigmentation and creating a subtle amount of volume. The number of products in the market of this sort is immense and many products claim to create the illusion of length also. The great thing about mascara is that when it is applied correctly it creates a much fuller eyelash look! It is also very cost effective and super simple to use. The reason that many women want to stop using it is simply because they want a more permanent solution that does not need to be reapplied and actually creates better, longer, thicker eyelash hair.

Topical Eyelash agents are an excellent options for those who want a more permanent, hassle free solution. Many eyelash agents claim to improve the eyelashes by creating length, volume and strength. An example of these kinds of products include MD Lash Factor Eyelash Conditioner. This product contains emollients, vitamins, and moisturizers and does not really have any contraindications or risks associated with its use. Those using the product claim to see positive results in as little as one week; I have not tested this product myself and do not make any claims about its effectiveness.

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What about Latisse?/

Latisse is an agent that contains bimatoprost, a chemical proven to prolong the growth phase of hair.

Health Canada has approved the use of Latisse for women who wish to have thicker, fuller and longer lashes and are not interested in simply using mascara, fake lashes or extensions. The scientific studies on Latisse for the improved growth of lashes are quite robust and clear, the product really does work! Excellent results can be expected with use that exceeds 2 months! Having said this, Latisse is not for everyone and requires a mandatory consultation with me in order to be prescribed. Side effects of the product can include eyelid irritation, eye dryness and pigmentation around the eye due to the medication.

Eyelash Extensions

At Dr. Bector Cosmetics our medical aesthetician is trained in eyelash extensions and the results are gorgeous! Eyelash extensions are a great option for individuals who do not wish to have a cosmetic surgery or use the topical treatments due to cost and possible side effects. Eyelash extensions done at our location give the client the option of choosing the type of lash, its length, the volume and its curl shape. Lashes are attached one at a time, by our well trained medical aesthetician. It is essential to have a well trained aesthetician doing this procedure as a strong glue is used and is capable of damaging the skin and eyes if not used correctly and with the right precautions. Clients that have this procedure with us are discouraged from using heavy oil based moisturizers, strong face washing products, and heavy makeup that might erode the glue prematurely.

Eyelash Surgery as an Option

An eyelash transplant surgery entails the harvesting of your hair from another site of the body and carefully transplanting them along the lash line. This produce generally takes a few hours and is completed by a hair transplant surgeon who is experienced with eye lash transplants. The side effects can include bruising, and lid swelling. This option is ideal for clients that have alopecia or for people that have permanent hair follicle damage.

Eyebrow Augmentation?/

Eyebrow shape has become a very hot beauty and anti-aging topic over the last few years.

The trend has definitely shifted away from thin over-tweezed brows to full, feathered brows because they make your face look more youthful naturally. Today the eyebrow treatment market is packed with eyebrow enhancement, eyebrow restoration, eyebrow augmentation and eyebrow cosmetic surgery options. Which solution is right for you really depends on your budget, schedule and whether you believe the trend will shift again in the eyebrow market!

Eyebrow Enhancement is all about Shaping

Eyebrow Enhancement tends to refer to the simple hair removal services of tweezing and waxing to create an eyebrow shape that appears to open up the eye. Many women are getting their brows shaped with a slight arch and are reshaping their downward growing brows to prevent the look of a tired, dropping eye. These services can be performed at any professional brow shaping salon with a technician whom understands eyebrow shaping techniques.

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Eyebrow Restoration is all about Regrowth!

There are a number of eyebrow regrowth products on the market that promise to help you to re-volumize your over tweezed or waxed eyebrows. The reality is that after waxing, tweezing and threading for many years, hair will not grow back without help! Products like Latisse by Allergen are prescription medications that do very well in clinical trials. For this product, you would need to complete a consultation with me to ensure that you are a good candidate.

Eyebrow Augmentation is all about adding Size!

If your goal is to make your eyebrows look thicker without using products for re-growth and you are absolutely sick of drawing your eyebrows in daily than eyebrow extensions or microblading are perfect for you!

What is the Difference between Eyebrow Extensions & Microblading?/

Eyebrow Extensions

Eyebrow Extensions are done by using an adhesive to stick tiny, individual hairs to the existing eyebrow hair that you have. The exact shape of the eyebrow can be completely customized but the procedure works best for those who have existing eyebrows to build upon. We see many patients who have been told that the adhesive can effectively stick the tiny hairs to their skin, but this is simply not the case. Hair that is stuck to the skin directly is much more likely to come off quickly due to the oils excreted from the skin daily. If you have patches or blotchiness in your eyebrows, skip the eyebrow extensions and try microblading instead.

Eyebrow Extensions can last for up to one month with extra care given to maintenance. It is very important no to use face washes and soaps directly over the brows and not to rub the brow area while applying moisturizers or any oil based products. These products will work to loosen the bond of the adhesive and the hairs will fall out.

The cost for eyebrow extensions is typically between $150 to $500 dollars depending on the size and shape of the brow that you want. Maintenance visits are priced based on a client assessment to see what is required. All pricing and procedures are signed off on by the client before any procedure starts. The best way to get an exact price for eyebrow extensions is to come into our clinic for a free consultation!


Microblading does not require eyebrow hair at all! With microblading the technician simply draws hair like lines directly onto the skin with what appears to be a tattoo pen and dye. The look that is achieved by drawing one hair at a time instead of the entire brow is beautiful and very natural looking. With microblading it is imperative that the technician has an excellent eye for beauty and symmetry. A good technician will map out the shape and draw it in before ever touching the tattoo pen. At Dr. Bector Cosmetics we ensure that all clients have had a proper consultation with our eyebrow technician and that their eyebrow shape has been mapped out and approved before we start any procedure.

Eyebrows that are created using microblading tend to last from 6 weeks to 2 months depending on the clients skin. Remember that they are basically semi-permanent tattoos and touch-up can be done regularly to keep them looking flawless and full.

The initial cost of microblading is approximately $450 but does depend again on shape, size and thickness. Maintenance is done every 6 – 8 weeks and typically costs between $50-$100 per session. If you would like an exact price quote for microblading, come in and see us for a free consultation.

Eyebrow Cosmetic Surgery/

There are some excellent transplant surgeons in Toronto who can perform a beautiful eyebrow transplant if you are looking for a natural and permanent result. The procedure itself takes approximately 3-5 hours and involves harvesting hair follicles from the back of your own scalp. The follicles from this area are used because they are genetically programmed to remain productive and not fall out. The procedure typically costs from $5000-$10000 dollars and is very dependent on the artistic abilities of the surgeon completing the transplant.
Before choosing your surgeon ensure that you have done a tremendous amount of research and choose a surgeon who will be willing to do a thorough consult and provide you with a concrete price. For a recommendation on which surgeons to visit in the Greater Toronto Area, please come by and speak with us.

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