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The number of people suffering from dry eyes is increasing every year

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PRP Dry Eye Treatments Are Proving To Be Very Effective/

The number of people suffering from dry eyes is increasing every year.

Medical professionals attribute the increase to people staying inside more than ever, reacting to environmental pollutants, and wearing contact lenses in our younger years which can block or damage our tear ducts. Regardless of the reason for its development, dry eyes can be very irritating and painful, especially first thing in the morning or later in the afternoon when the eyes become tired.

Getting your dry eye treatment done is becoming a necessity, not a choice, whether in the form of a natural treatment for dry eyes or any other option.

People who suffer from dry eyes do not have many options in terms of treatment. Most will use over the counter artificial tears to lubricate the eyes in an effort to sooth the irritation and scratchy feeling. Many people are advised to use warm compresses and oral omega-3 fish oil supplements in combination with the lubricants. This technique produces minimal improvement if any at all. The concern for patients using artificial tears is that the lubrication they provide does not last long enough and the dryness and irritation return quite quickly. Other treatments for dry eyes include Thermal Pulsation Technology, IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) to open the Meibomian gland (a sebaceous gland at the rim of the eyelid) to allow it to produce more oil and prevent water evaporation from the eyes. These procedures are prohibitive due to their high cost and limited results. Making your life easy and eyes better, we address dry eye treatment in Toronto at my clinic.

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How Does my Eye Work and Why is It So Dry?/

Unfortunately, the natural process that our body uses to keep our eyes moist, may start to work less effectively as we age.

Dryness of the eyes will be experienced through eye redness, chronic eye irritation and rapid blinking to “wet” the eye, and decreased or less clear vision. When we are younger our eyes are kept moist by producing an amazingly complex substance known as TEARS! It is incredible to note that the tears have multiple layers and that these layers all serve a purpose. There is a mucous layer to the tear that basically makes the tear stick to the eyes surface. There is a liquid layer (aqueous layer) that acts to bathe the eye and keep it clear of foreign sustains or debris that flies into the eye. The last layer consists of fats (lipid layer) that prevents the tears from evaporating too quickly.

The tear film is made in the lacrimal glands and their proper function can be affected by the aging process, overuse of contact lenses, environmental irritants and Corrective Laser Eye Surgery, to name but a few. If the tear ingredients are no longer properly balanced, patients will experience dry eyes regardless of the natural treatment for dry eyes built in our human body system.

What is PRP?/

What’s better than a natural treatment for dry eyes when eyes are one of the most sensitive part of the human body? To understand the benefits of a PRP Dry Eye Treatment or any other medical PRP procedures, you must first understand a little more about your blood, how it works and how amazing it really is! Blood is composed of four main properties: we have the plasma (the colourless fluid part of blood), red blood cells (carry oxygen), the white blood cells (fight against injections) and the platelets, (which are colourless, help our blood to clot and contain hundreds of hormones, vitamins and proteins that ensure that our bodies can heal). During the course of our life as we get injured or experience, “wear and tear” our body sends signals to promote the healing process. Healing begins when platelets are released in a high concentration, they are responsible for initiating the “cell rejuvenation” process within the body.

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How is the PRP Dry Eye Treatment Made?/

PRP serum for dry eyes is made by putting the pure Platelet Rich Plasma into eye drop dispensing bottles. The PRP is obtained by drawing 1 vial of blood from the patients arm and putting it through a centrifuge which separates the plasma and platelets from the red blood cells. The Platelet Rich Plasma is then loaded into 3ml bottles that contain approximately 40 drops each. From 1 vial of blood we can usually make about 4 bottles of 3ml of fluid. The bottle that you are using should be kept in the fridge and the others should be put into the freezer to ensure that they stay fresh and to avoid bacterial contamination. The drops can be used 2 to 3 times daily over the duration of a few months bringing under control the irritability and other issues with this dry eye treatment. The improvement in dry eyes may persist for years after the initial treatment round.

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Safety First!

PRP Eye Drops for Dry Eye Treatment are very rich in growth factors, neurotrophic agents, vitamin A and other biologically active ingredients. It is imperative that patients who wish to use PRP eye drops for dry eyes understand the proper storage instructions for this product, since it has no added preservatives and anti-bacterial agents, it must be kept refrigerated or frozen at all times since it is inclined towards being a natural treatment for dry eyes. Product that is not frozen or refrigerated correctly will develop bacteria that can infect the eyes and should be thrown away immediately if not kept cold.

Enter PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) For Dry Eye Treatment/

Human tears are full of “growth factors” including proteins, cytokines, albumin and various crucial vitamins. Many artificial tear products are made in a manner that try to mimic the nature and consistency of natural tears but they are not able to replicate natural tears due to how complex tears really are. Using Platelet Rich Plasma for dry eyes makes sense because it has a very similar constitution as natural tears without the addition of any preservatives, additives and stabilizer products as are in the artificial tears. The “growth factors” found in the Platelet Rich Plasma are your own and therefore are not going to cause an allergic reaction or further irritation.



I will meet with you for your consultation on dry eye treatment in Toronto and take a detailed medical history at the first visit to ensure that PRP treatment is appropriate for you. After the initial screening, if you are considered a good candidate, I will formulate a treatment plan and discuss the cost for PRP Eye Drops with you. Once you have decided to move ahead, we will go over PRP Eye Drop storage in a detailed manner and provide you with an information sheet to guide you with your possible queries and necessary information on dry eye treatment in Toronto being provided. You may contact us by phone or email if you have any questions during treatment

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